About David

About David

Husband.  Father.  Engineer.  Systems Architect.  

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I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised near Camp Lejuene (Richlands, Onslow County) in eastern North Carolina.  

I've been organizing code and attempting to understand the interworking of all things technology since 2003.  Staying up way past my bedtime (secretly) was the norm.  I built websites that were of the 'e/n' variety and built them for me.  It wasn't until many years later that I started to commercialize my talents.  My company, SiteKings, was formed in 2008 but has somewhat been dormant until recent years.

About the Site

This website is built on Ghost, hosted by SiteKings ( ;) quick plug) and is simply a place to put things to paper.  Sometimes it's ideas,  sometimes it's thoughts but most of the time it's just ramblings of an internet enthusiast who is probably procrastinating from a project.